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A divorce (what the courts call dissolution of marriage) is the process of ending a marriage, separating the parties and their finances, and establishing a plan for parenting post-divorce. The court can divide assets and debt, award spousal and child support, order life insurance, divide retirement accounts, investments, and stock options. Divorce requires proficiency in many different areas of the law and must be handled professionally. If not addressed properly, simple issues can become major ones during the case, or after. Some mistakes people make during divorce cannot be fixed.

Oregon is a no fault state. You do not have to prove your spouse has done something wrong to get a divorce. The legal standard is irreconcilable differences that have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage. You must be a resident of Oregon to file for divorce in Oregon.

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A family lawyer is not only qualified to negotiate agreements and settlements between parties, but they can also litigate for both in court as well. A family attorney has the resources and skill to handle complex financial arrangements that involve everything from dividing the property and assets in a divorce to helping a family plan and set up an estate.

In short, the field of family law is extremely complex, and often deals with situations and circumstances that are far outside the issues of divorce; tax difficulties, short and long term financial planning, estate concerns, abuse of any kind, even dealing with the results of juvenile delinquency and arrests all fall within the purview of a family law attorney. A family lawyer will see families at their best, and at their worst, and they must be able to act as negotiator, litigator, and – always – a compassionate and understanding counselor.

At Pedrojetti Law we specialize in Child Custody | Child Support, Spousal Support – Alimony as well as Prenuptial Agreements. We are dedicated to our clients with a compassionate and understanding approach and aggressive dedication to the success of your case.

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