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10180322_sIn Oregon, a divorce is called “dissolution”, and it can be resolved as either an “uncontested divorce” or a “contested divorce”. Some people see the possibility of an uncontested divorce as a quick and easy way through the divorce process; sometimes it is even called a “DIY Divorce” (do-it-yourself divorce). While an uncontested divorce may seem like a less complicated way to end a marriage, it may not be. It is important to know there are many factors that will affect every aspect of a person’s life if their divorce is not handled properly the first time around. Decisions around everything from child custody and support, to division of assets and property will affect each party for many years to come.

Contested Divorce Information:

When a couple cannot come to agreement through negotiation, mediation, or the collaborative law process, then it becomes necessary to settle the divorce in court. The court will rule on any issue that is causing discord or disagreement, whatever it is. There are times when this may seem easier than reaching an agreement together, or with the help of your attorneys and/or a mediator, but it can also cause deep resentment and frustration for one or both parties. The court is an impartial, impersonal, third party who has no knowledge of the personalities involved in the marriage. The court will have little insight into the needs and abilities of each member of the family, so the rulings the court hands down may not consider or reflect the preferences of the children or the parents. This can become difficult as these rulings are required and enforced, they are difficult to alter or change, and they may cause undue hardship, either emotionally or financially to all parties involved. In a case like this, it is important to have an attorney who will work closely with you to help resolve your issues in a favorable way. While it is important to avoid unnecessary complications, it is also important not to place either spouse at a disadvantage after the divorce is over.

Uncontested Divorce

A divorce can be costly. In order to save money, many couples are deciding to forgo going to court and process their own divorce. There are many low cost document providers which are willing to sell you fill in the blank divorce paperwork. However, there are many complex issues involved in a divorce and there is no substitute to having an experienced attorney handle your divorce and explain your legal rights. A divorce may determine the parties’ future custodial rights to their children, parenting time with their children, support and allocation of marital assets and debts. These issues are to important to be left to a fill in the blank form.

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