Good Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney – You Need to Know What To Expect and What To Ask For!

10130190_sMost people have a somewhat simplistic idea of what a divorce involves: they know they will have to figure out custody, parenting time, and how to divide the marital property. However, the truth is that divorce is a tremendously complex process, and there is far more to consider and ask than a couple is aware of when they begin. What if one parent wants to move? Who decides where the children go to school? Who pays for health insurance? Is property owned before the marriage considered “marital property,” or is it considered personal property? Who gets the retirement accounts? Most people have little idea what questions they need to ask about their divorce. A good divorce attorney will know what questions to ask and what needs to be taken into consideration. He or she will use this information to make sure that the divorce decree is well drafted, and provides clarity for all foreseeable issues that will likely come up in the future. If you do not ask and answer, years down the road chances are you will end up realizing that you had rights you were unaware of, and by then it is too late!

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