19667946_sIf you have younger children, tailor the message and information about your divorce to their age and maturity level. They don’t need all the information at once, just the basics. They will ask you for information when something comes up that they don’t understand. Most importantly, if your children are under 3, it’s crucial that both parents have as much “hands-on” time as humanly possible. These are very tender and formative years. In order for a parent to have a good relationship with the child when he or she is older, the parent must be able to be very present in the day-to-day life of their child at this point. This age is so short, and this part of their development is so precious, that both parents need to experience their child in these crucial formative years. More importantly, their child needs to experience them. Do not let your current feelings about each other negatively impact their relationship with each of you in the future.

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